LETTER: BEA event a night to remember


Editor: I am in my third year as a resident of Chatham, a Black Canadian transplanted from Toronto.

Although I lived most of my life in Toronto, I have also lived in three of Canada’s other largest urban centres, Montreal, Vancouver and Hamilton. Out of all these cities, I have found Chatham to be the warmest (and I speak not just of climate), most welcoming community to an outsider.

I recently had the pleasure of attending Chatham’s first Black Excellence Awards gala. The sold-out event celebrated our local Black community and its lengthy and rich Black history.

Typical of Chatham, the event was well attended not just by the Black community, but by politicians, business leaders and sponsors from all local communities.

I am proud to call Chatham my new home and encourage other Torontonians to make the move.

Kudos to Shannon Prince, Michelle Robbins and Doug Robbins for initiating this wonderful event, and also to my fellow Chatham citizens, nominees, sponsors, attendees and supporters. I look forward to participating in this new Chatham tradition annually.

Emile Carrington



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