Fundraising effort tops $62,000

Mike Genge, president of the Foundation of the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent; Carson Warrener, foundation board member; and Kevin Owen, board chair, celebrate the success of the foundation’s recent holiday fundraising effort.

The people at the Foundation of the Children’s Treatment Centre of Chatham-Kent (CTCC-K) have more than 62,000 reasons to smile.

The foundation recently announced its holiday fundraising campaign earned a total of $62, 215 in donations, up substantially from the previous year’s tally of about $25,000.

Two caring individuals felt the campaign needed a little push to get started. Little did they know it would lead to an avalanche.

Foundation board member Carson Warrener and chairman Kevin Owen each made matching pledges of $5,000 and were pleasantly surprised how the community responded.

“Kevin and I both put in $5,000 to help spur things on. We matched up to that amount,” Warrener said. “But the final tally – we were elated. We more than doubled last year’s campaign.

He added that organizations worked to help spread the word for the fundraiser.

“Huge thanks to you guys (the Chatham Voice), to the radio stations and everybody who contributed in getting that message out. It was very well received by the community and the numbers showed it.”

Mike Genge, president of the foundation, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the community.

“We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of our community, our dedicated board members, and everyone who contributed to the success of this campaign. Your generosity has not only met but exceeded our expectations, ensuring that we can continue to provide essential services and support to children and families in need,” he said in a media release.

Warrener said the treatment centre has a host of programs and initiatives that help families. It’s what drew him to sit on the board.

“The biggest thing is providing opportunities for families and the youths that use the various programs. It is a huge asset to the community,” he said of the centre. “It’s essential for families and kids to have those opportunities.”

The funds raised during this campaign will directly support the CTCC-K in the areas that the foundation directly supports, including social work, therapeutic recreation and music therapy, and ensure that more children and families have access to the support they need.

Warrener said there are many worthy organizations in need around the municipality and he credits the residents of Chatham-Kent for continually stepping up.

“It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. There are a lot of equally important initiatives out there,” he said.


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