LETTER: Transport cost outrageous: reader


Editor: I am writing to express my concern and frustration in relation to Voyageur Patient Transfer Services.

My elderly father was recently in the ICU in London and then transferred back to Chatham Kent Health Alliance. I received a call from the CKHA on Nov. 6 telling me that my father was cleared from the hospital and was able to return to Riverview Gardens Long Term Care Home and that I was required to arrange transportation for him.

I have no issue with this; however, what I do have issue with is the fact that Voyageur Patient Transfer Service charged my elderly father, who is on a fixed income, $438 to travel from the CKHA to Riverview Gardens, a total of 950 metres.

In my opinion, this is preposterous. Due to my father’s fixed income, he was unable to pay and so I covered the cost.

My concern is for the elderly, who are most likely on a low fixed income, who can barely afford long-term care let alone a $438 bill; if they do not have family or someone looking after them, how do they navigate the health-care system?

The amount of $438 is not reasonable and should be considerate of the elderly who have served in their own capacity during their lifetime to contribute to the common good. Surely, they could and should be afforded a reasonable cost for a transfer from hospital to long-term care as they have no other means of transportation.

Lisa Chambers



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