Move could revitalize King St.


Editor: Yes, there are valid concerns about not checking first what you will purchase. I’m talking about the Sears building of the Downtown Chatham Centre that council voted to purchase.

On the other side, other councillors seemed to already have their idea of what should happen before the voting began. The result, put forth by last-minute cheerleading for the purchase, almost seemed rehearsed. (Council voted 11-5 in favour of purchasing the Sears building in downtown Chatham.)

Either way, win or lose, the city has now a chance in that area to bring it back to public use.

In 10 years, we have only ventured maybe three times to the mall and that area of Chatham; once for a product at Hart, and two times for the Sears closing bargains. All three times we wondered if the hubcaps on our vehicle would be there when we came out.

The city centres of Chatham currently are really in two spots: at the Thameslea Plaza and the other at the north end of St. Clair Street. These are spots where one can feel safer than being in an area of poor lighting, parking and limited transportation, along with policing.

Wayne Robertson



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