LETTER: Library accessibility in question: reader


Editor: It is very unfortunate that after ruining our beautiful Civic Centre, Chatham-Kent council has decided to buy a pig in a poke.

Even more unfortunate, there are major limited mobility issues with the old Sears building should council force the Chatham-Kent Public Library to relocate to that ridiculous site.

The current library entrances, both front and rear, are within approximately 30 feet of several parking spaces.  The architectural drawing of the proposed library entrance at the old Sears building shows a long line of parking spaces stretching away from the entrance.

Furthermore, the entrance seems to be approximately 120 feet from the nearest parking space.  It would be a much longer walk for persons of limited mobility, for seniors and for mothers with young children.

If council decides to go ahead with a library relocation fiasco, there would be a need to rip out the King Street streetscape and the DCC front plaza and build parking spaces for the handicapped and for families with small children, as such parking at grocery stores now feature.

Council has an opportunity to somewhat redeem itself by expanding the library at its present site as desired by the vast majority of city voters.  After the Jan. 15 council meeting I heard Rob Meyers say he was trying to do something nice for the city.  Councilors, that is not his job;  it is your job.  Please attempt to recover some respectability and listen to the library patrons.

Janice Lasell



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