BIZ VOICE: Entegrus pumps up Special Olympians

Jim Hogan, president & CEO of Entegrus, left, and Lisa Rodger, co-organizer of the 2024 Special Olympics School Championship showcase the $10,000 in support of the championship Entegrus has pledged.

Entegrus, on behalf of its shareholder and utility service provider, Corix Infrastructure, has put its support behind the 2024 Ontario Special Olympics to be held in June in Chatham-Kent, through a donation of $10 000.

“We are thrilled that Corix is joining Entegrus in supporting the Ontario Special Olympics,” said Jim Hogan, president & CEO of Entegrus, in a media release. “Corix and Entegrus understand our roles in the energy sector of powering progress when it comes to inclusivity, and the need for financial support for community-focused initiatives that celebrate diverse talents, such as the Ontario Special Olympics.”

The first Canadian Special Olympics took place in 1969 in Ontario and has grown into a national sports organization.

“With immense appreciation, we thank Corix & Entegrus for not just investing in the Special Olympics, but also investing in the joy and empowerment of our athletes,” event organizer Jason Herder said.

The 2024 Ontario Special Olympics will take place between June 10-12 in Chatham and Ridgetown. Both communities are served by Entegrus.

“We’re looking forward to participating in this celebration of diversity,” added Hogan.

Know more, grow more

Maizex Seeds will be offering its popular in-person agronomy meetings this  January and February.

Maizex Agronomy 2024: Know more: Grow more will provide Ontario farmers with a day of access to agronomy experts at no cost to them.

The speaker series is being spearheaded by Maizex Market Development Agronomists Henry  Prinzen and Adam Parker.

Chatham’s meeting will take place Feb. 29.

Farmers interested in attending one of the events are asked to register by emailing or calling 519-359-3048.

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