LETTER: Allocate funds responsibly


Editor: While Chatham-Kent talks about more affordable housing (unaffordable housing), they want an exorbitant rise in property taxes. This only makes housing less affordable.

Don’t they realize that this not only affects homeowners – stretched by rising mortgage rates and the rising cost of living – but also renters whose rents have jumped by hundreds of dollars a month in the last three years? Landlords’ taxes are only passed down to tenants in increased rents.

How can our municipal leaders look at themselves in the mirror when they give their nod to foolish spending while the most valuable asset in this municipality –our people – go hungry with increasingly rising dependency on food banks? And there are homeless people living in tents while we dither on where to put them.

Is it not possible for council to review programs and services that are not operating effectively and efficiently in order that these taxes can be reduced?

Our city budget is no longer about delivering value for taxes spent; it’s about funding a laundry list of “emergency” pet projects.

The wages of a lot of people in this municipality remain flat while rent, groceries, heating and gasoline prices have skyrocketed. Many people will face the unacceptable choice of feeding their children or heating their homes – the result of decisions made by a supposedly caring city.

We need to stop listening to consultants and administration and start listening to councillors. They are the ones with their fingers on the pulse of the municipality.
I encourage everyone to call or e-mail their council members and make sure that your priorities are heard, ensuring your hard-earned tax dollars are allocated responsibly.

David McFadden



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