Tug can’t make it into marina


Theodore Too and crew stopped by Erieau recently.

However, it turned out to be a one-day visit, as shallow conditions at the entrance to Erieau Marina led to the tugboat instead being docked at Pelee Island.

Dave Barnier, owner of Erieau Marina, said the captain of the tug just didn’t feel comfortable coming into the marina.

“He draws just over 10 feet (of water). It’s just the design of the boat,” he said of Theodore Too. “We get a lot of sailboats that draw seven feet and they come through.”

Barnier said there is a “little hump” by the main channel into Rondeau Bay, and the rest of the marina is fine depth-wise.

He said he will look at having the entrance to the marina dredged in the future.

The hump was not an issue the last time Theodore Too docked at Erieau, Barnier said, as the water was two-feet higher.

He missed the tugboat this time around nearly as much as the kids.

“Last time it was here, our parking lot was full. They were even parked up town,” he said of the traffic to the marina. “It’s too bad, as I know a lot of kids were looking forward to it.”


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