LETTER: We need a reboot, boss


Editor’s note: This is a letter to God.

Full disclosure: I am an atheist, yet I feel compelled to reach out and ask you to intervene, not for me, but to ensure my grandchildren and everyone else have a future.

As our landlord, you should be concerned that we, the custodians, are not doing enough to save our future. Mother Nature is sending warning signs as are our smartest scientists as well as some politicians who should not be considered as smart as the previously mentioned. Too many ignore the signs or refuse to believe we must change our ways.

Not to sound “holier than thou” (no offence intended), I have converted to a hybrid vehicle. A baby step, sure, but a start.

Assuming you wish to save our home, the task next is to create a better version of us. Our souls need fixing, even the non-believers. We have one too. The issue needing the most attention is the hatred, bigotry, racism and lack of respect those different than the majority endure every day. We should be able to fix this ourselves but the divide seems to grow.

That is not OK in my book, and shouldn’t be in yours either. Protecting our young, old and most vulnerable from predators is an every-second concern. Perhaps an updated version of the guidelines to live by that you sent from a mountaintop years ago could be sent to us via Fed-Ex, as we have no mountains here.

Freewill and speech is nice to have and should never be taken for granted as not all have those given rights. This does not give licence for those who have free speech to be rude, vulgar, disrespectful. Case in point: those anti-Trudeau flags being flown around the country. I am no fan of the man, but the message on the flag resonates the utter decency we lack. Perhaps the new guidelines I requested will help us find a better way to express ourselves.

Please don’t drop us off the Best Place to Live list just yet. Maybe a few tweaks and fewer tweets will be of value. If you, like Apple, decide to upgrade the current version, maybe removing our middle fingers would be a good start.

A selfish request: Let hell freeze over so the Maple Leafs can win a Stanley Cup. If this ask is too much, how about teaching the drivers in Chatham what a red light means?

A reminder Jimmy Buffet is on the way, a great addition to your choir.

Lorne Meechum



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