Damage caused by tornado in South Kent

The drone view of a damaged house in South Kent after a tornado touched down on July 20. (Image courtesy the Northern Tornadoes Project)

Experts say a tornado touched down last week in South Kent.

Officials from the Northern Tornadoes Project (NPT) from Western University investigated Friday after learning of reports of roof damage to a home and tree damage near Dealtown and South Buxton.

An NTP ground and drone survey was completed on Friday, documenting damage to the roof of the home, along with minor roof damage to several other homes and barns and damage to crops and trees along a path that started northeast of South Buxton.

Experts say an EF1 tornado touched down, cut out a 10.5-kilometre swath, and then dissipated.

Maximum wind speeds are reported at 175 km/h.

No one was injured.


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