LETTER: Limit the flags, please


Editor: Regarding the flag policy and the LGTBQ community. Why do our councillors make things so difficult for themselves? In our opinion only federal, provincial and municipal flags should be flown. If every organization or community group wanted to fly their flags, how many flag posts would we need? To our knowledge, there is no law against individuals flying a flag in their own yard, so they can go ahead.

We returned to Chatham two years ago and we didn’t vote because we didn’t know the candidates at that time. However, for the next year election, we will indeed vote, as we know the councillors and what they stand for. Rhonda Jubenville, Michael Bondy and Ryan Doyle will get our votes (Editor’s note: All three councillors are in different wards).

Shame on all the other councillors for not standing by Rhonda and to turning a blind eye on the death threats she had to endure. We hope the police catch those responsible for these threats.

There is no place for bullying in Chatham or any other place in Canada.

Bert & Dot Mulder



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