LETTER: Epp staffer was rude and of no help: reader


Editor: I am writing The Voice, to let the residents of Chatham-Kent know, if they need help from MP Dave Epp’s office, save your foot-steps, your gas and your time.

I went to his office on April 17 to find out why my climate change rebate wasn’t deposited in my bank account this time. I should mention, I am a senior citizen.

The woman sitting at her computer didn’t even get out of her chair to come to the front desk to see why I was there. I was greeted with “what do you want.” I told her why I was there, all I got from her was a very snobbish answer, “If your income tax wasn’t in by March 24, you would not get one. I can’t help you.”

She didn’t take my name and was unwilling to look into the problem. I am a senior, not stupid.

The Conservative Party talks a good game to gain power, knocks down other political parties that are trying to help and are interested in Canadians. I find this party rude, impolite, snobbish, and inconsiderate of the public needs.

They need a few lessons on how to greet and to be polite in serving the public. They may find these lessons in the swamp at the North Pole.

Linda Weaver



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