Mental health support app available


There’s a new mental health app that lets users quickly access Chatham-Kent mental health resources.

Users of the Be Safe app will be able to connect to the right resource in a time of crisis; develop an individualized safety plan for current or future use, and access a list of local and national resources that fit the users needs and support criteria, according to officials with the United Way of Chatham-Kent (UWOCK).

This initiative is the result of a collaboration between local non-profit and health-care professionals on the Mental Health Social Planning and Action (SPA) Table. The SPA Table, facilitated by UWOCK, have been meeting weekly since the start of the pandemic.

Megan Walker, a Therapist with Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario, Chatham-Kent (formerly ACCESS Open Minds), said the need for mental health support in Chatham-Kent is high, and is pleased that the app can make it easier for everyone, but in particular youth and their families, to find that support.

“People don’t always know how to access mental health resources, and the Be Safe app is a resource that will help improve community awareness,” she said in a media release.

Be Safe is available across Apple and Android devices and is easy to use, Walker said.

“The app is free and brings the user to local resources across Chatham-Kent, which helps increase awareness of mental health supports that are available, as well as how to access them when needed,” she said.

To download the Be Safe app, visit



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