Group reacts to flag-raising issue

Acting Mayor Jamie McGrail, left, was joined in holding the Pride Flag by Robert James Whittington and Marianne Willson during a flag-raising ceremony at the Civic Centre in 2022.

By Pam Wright
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Area residents concerned about a possible ban on municipal flag raisings to raise awareness or commemorate events are being invited to make their voices heard.

The Chatham-Kent Gay Pride Association created a post on their Facebook page last week with a detailed explanation of how to how to prepare deputations to Chatham-Kent council, how to write letters, how to contact local councillors and what to expect if they attend the council meeting in person.

The post instructs people about how to share their support for a flag raising policy that is “inclusive and justice informed.”

According to the statement, which did not have a specific author, the post was made in response to a motion put forward by North Kent Coun. Rhonda Jubenville that would eliminate municipal flag raisings for community awareness.

Jubenville’s motion would like to see all special interest flag raisings banned, with only the Canadian flag, the Ontario flag and Chatham-Kent’s municipal flag allowed to fly at the Chatham-Kent Civic Centre or other municipal service centres.

The post states that “a caring community does not silence the celebration of days of commemoration and awareness, nor does it miss the opportunity to promote inclusion and diversity.

“Rather than banning the practice, some cities have written clear policies to address requests to raise a flag. A well-considered approach such as this is what Chatham-Kent needs.”

No one from the CK Gay Pride Association was available for comment as of press time.

The matter is set to come before council on April 24.


  1. community property should be ,flying a civic flag and / or Canadian flag….to incompass all people.
    Stop dividing by groups.


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