OPINION: Small-town ideas, big-time heart

(Image courtesy Google Maps)

Chatham-Kent, like all communities, has its share of problems and challenges.

Some we share with larger centres, some are shaped by national and international boundaries and some are simply the result of being part of a flawed species whose aspirations can exceed its capabilities.

What we are fortunate enough to have in in our community are people and businesses that care enough to take on challenges and make Chatham-Kent a better place to live.

The ongoing desecration of the Cenotaph in downtown Chatham has outraged many people in our community including veterans. 

The inability of authorities to adequately protect the Cenotaph resulted in Honey Electric stepping forward and volunteering to provide labour and materials to increase security at the site. 

The family business has been located here for some 45 years. The decision to help was made during a team meeting which means not only the owners but also employees are on side with the offer. 

They deserve our thanks.

We also learned this week that the 20th annual in-person Festival of Giving will be held June 3 and funds from the event will be used to help the Youth Wellness Hub (formerly Access Open Minds) in providing counselling and support for young people and their families.

The Festival of Giving has supported youth in our community for more than 20 years (although the last three events were virtual only due to the pandemic).

One of the foremost events of its kind in Southwestern Ontario, an estimated 10 to 15 thousand people have attended the event, having a good time and raising donations in the even figure range. 

That kind of success doesn’t happen without sponsors and once again a homegrown business has, and continues to be, forefront in its support.

TekSavvy Solutions, as it has done so often, has stepped forward to aid the community. 

That support, along with the dedication of the “Foggers” (as the organizers are known) deserves a round of applause from all of us in Chatham-Kent.


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