Dennis Fox, Ward 4


Why are you running?

I want my family and your family to thrive and prosper. I want small business and big business, the farming and manufacturing industry to grow with little regulations and create new jobs for our region. I want our children to be raised in a region that can produce and provide for itself. I want to shut down bad ideas and bad policies and be the voice for those who vote for me and those who don’t.
I made the decision to run for council to direct things in a more family oriented direction.  Stop frivolous spending, offer incentives to seniors from a municipal level to maintain and modify their homes to keep them living in their own homes longer.

What are the key issues?

Some issues of concern are: preventing taxes from increasing, addressing homelessness, and from a rural perspective, the federal government’s crackdown on farmers.

What do you hope to achieve if elected?

The first thing I’d do is meet with as many constituents as possible to  discuss their concerns and address them. I’d like to generate more tourism revenue. We can attract more Industry and manufacturing to the region to secure more jobs.  We need to retain our locally trained medical students and lure more medical professionals to the area to serve our hospitals and private-sector providers. I’d like the farming industry to appeal to the younger generations and keep our local farmland working to keep fresh local produce on our tables.

What skills and experience do you bring?

I can relate to those who are struggling and those who’ve had success. I’ve been running my small medical supply business for over 10 years now; before that I helped manage a growing medical supply store in Windsor.

My experience in customer service, sales and management has shaped me into a strong leader that is willing to stand up against bad ideas and stand with good ideas.


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