Banks shows how deeply she cares


Editor: Here we go again.

The story of Elisha Banks has made headlines again in The Chatham Voice, recently. 

Maybe what words she used to text the foundation and the CKHA personnel on the matter was not the right thing to say. But! When one sees unfair things going on, one speaks up, or should, and says things that you feel, right or wrong.

As the editor points out that Elisha Banks’ biggest fault, if you can call it that, is she cares!

In my opinion, she cares very deeply.

 The old saying, Elisha, is, one can’t fight city hall. You did an amazing job to raise that kind of money over two years.

If you hadn’t discovered the funds raised were not being used, it would still be collecting dust for goodness knows how many more years.

You are the one that did right, and a good many of the public out there will be saying the same. When one has a cause, thank goodness there’s a good newspaper in which to read it all.

But in your case, Elisha, it’s not working out so well. So move on, as they say, and count your losses. Because I think you will be the unfortunate loser in the end if you don’t.

Ruth Draper



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