A December to remember


Editor: In December, we named a dozen inanimate snowplows. It is a cute idea but – at the end of the day it means nothing to the plows.

On the other hand we hear reports that the closure of the Third Street Bridge has not negatively impacted emergency response times. Really?

Unless they grow wings, fire trucks exiting Station No.1 to attend at Grand Avenue and St. Clair Street via the Fifth Street Bridge will – obviously – take longer than traversing the Third Street Bridge.

On the other hand boaters, will be pleased to know, navigational clearance under the bridge will be maintained throughout the winter. That’s reassuring.

I would like some assurance that there is some accountability for this “unexpected” delay caused by the onset of winter (an annual event). The time and fuel costs incurred by motorists would be impossible to determine but our community does NOT need another “shortfall” as was the case when the Fifth Street Bridge reconstruction was completed.

It was approximately seven digits.

Reg DeNure



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