Don’t force me to wear a mask


Editor: I would like to have my two cents known on the topic of face masks. I have many health issues and yet I am anti mask. 

Just like the flu and pneumonia, Covid-19 is here to stay and we need to treat it the same way we treat these other illnesses. We need to cough and sneeze into our arms, we need to wash our hands with soap and water and we need to stay home if we are sick.

Masks give a false sense of security for most people, but have been proven over and over again to not keep a sneeze or cough behind your cloth or paper mask. 

Not to mention that in reality your mask should be changed after each cough, sneeze or whenever you touch your face (which many of us do often). A damp, used mask can be harmful to everyone, especially children, elderly or those of us with compromised immune systems, heart or lung conditions. They are a breeding ground for other ailments.

 Not to mention that people like myself who are on disability or other fixed incomes can’t afford to run out and buy more stuff to throw away.

Some of us, like myself who has a heart condition, struggle to breathe daily. Add a mask on top of that and the risk gets higher. 

I was forced to wear a mask to buy groceries in another community. I struggled to breathe; I had to stop and pull down my mask whenever I could. I was overheating, feeling faint, struggling to breathe, which led to a panic attack. 

I will not go back to that store. If I pass out, get a lung infection or any other ailments because I am forced to wear a mask, I will sue the store, the municipality and anyone else causing me added health issues.

Not to mention how unhealthy it is to breathe in our own carbon dioxide. Everyone knows we need to breathe in good air. How can you possibly think it safe for children, elderly, those of us with health issues or even healthy people to breathe in carbon dioxide? 

I was born into a free country; this is the same free country that I had my children in and now my granddaughter lives here too. You people are trying to take away our freedom, our rights and that is wrong. 

If someone wants to wear a mask, that should be their choice. If we don’t want to wear a mask that should be our choice too. This is our right as Canadian citizens.

I will not be forced to give up my rights as a Canadian citizen. I will not be forced to bow down and be told how to live my life.

 Will do what I need to do to keep myself and my family safe.

This does not make me rude or selfish. It makes me an individual living in a free country taking care of myself … my physical, emotional and mental health comes first.

This mask concept might be good for some, but it’s not good for children, elderly, asthmatics, people with lung and heart issues, people who are claustrophobic, have anxiety, sensory issues, panic attacks to mention a few. 

Are you really willing to put everyone’s well being at risk and force us all against our will to wear masks? This should be a choice.

Sharri Vleeming



  1. A woman In Canada can choose to have an abortion. A person can choose to have vaccines. A person can choose not to resuscitate . A person can choose to have a blood transfusion or not. Those are all serious medical issues as well, but they have the RIGHT to choose. Also Ontario has had more deaths each year from Flu than from Covid , do you and others all wear a mask then? I may agree or disagree with any of the topics I mentioned, but those people all still get a choice

    • Yeah, irrational fears are not limited to people with mental health issues especially since the news creates fear because that gets more views.


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