Ashamed of the uniform

Brian Knowler

Sir: I am ashamed to be a police officer today (May 29). The disgraceful actions of a few in taking a man’s life and destroying freedom of the press have tarnished our profession and shaken the very core of what policing should be.

Canada or U.S., doesn’t matter. We will have to work to regain public trust and reassure those we are sworn to protect and serve that we will do so, to the best of our ability, no matter who they are.

Not all cops are bad people, but the bad ones are enough to make you hang your head in tears.

Brian Knowler

Police officer and Chatham-Kent resident


  1. Sir, if the action / inaction of others in your profession makes you ashamed to be in that profession, you might want to rethink your career choice. For me if those in my profession demonstrated actions / inaction deemed negative, I’ve always looked at it as a positive towards me. My superiors could see me as a superstar by comparison. My attitude to do what’s expected regardless of how those that reported to me felt about it can be summed up in my mantra I’d chant to myself each shift. “There’s only one person I worry about loving me and she doesn’t work here. Your attitude, your state of mind will dictate how you approach your job. Policing is a noble profession that resides within my family. Ashamed is not a descriptive word I would associate with it.


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