Threshing Fest a busy time


Sir: The Thamesville Threshing Festival has come and gone for another year, as has RetroFest in Chatham.

I helped dish up French fries at the Threshing Festival and it was a lot of keeping pace with the customers wanting fries. We were in a big tent with other service clubs serving food such as sausages, hot dogs, hamburgers and nachos and cheese.

There was a cover band playing a lot of different bands’ music outside near us with a beer tent nearby and there were plenty of people up dancing and carrying on within sight of our tent.

There were midway rides in the area, including a Ferris wheel and other rides I would never want to go on!

In the afternoon there was a guy doing acoustic Neil Young songs, and a pie auction in the park. Yes, pies!

The big thing though, was the 15-minute fireworks, which though short in time, were non stop with lots of various fireworks in sizes, colours, bangs, booms, and crashes. Some of them exploded directly above our food tent where I was watching the show.

It was really a spectacular show, only outdone in my opinion by The Detroit-Windsor fireworks, which are huge and last over a half hour.

The night wrapped up with the usual assortment of partiers leaving the beer and dance floor and coming by to get a meal before heading home.

I don’t know if I’ll do this next year, but if I was offered the chance to work the night shift, I would do it again as it is considerably cooler than running the fryer during the day. It did make for an interesting time.

Frank Doyle






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