Unexpected non-profit cost


Sir: LaSertoma was chartered in Thamesville on June 4, 1977 as a non-profit club with an agenda of helping youth.

We got a postal box in Thamesville to receive letters from organizations. In the mailbox was a renewal, and I went in and was informed on a new rule. You must have a clubhouse.

Without an address we would have to pay $180 per year.

We had a meeting about the yearly rate and voted to turn in the key and put the money into our programs for children.

I felt as a non-profit club we should be exempt for the fee. Groups looking for our help with kids programs can write to us and we would know where to direct the funds to help children in our area.

LaSertoma does so much for our children in Thamesville and surrounding area for us to change our address would be difficult.

Our main objective is our youth. Some things we help with yearly are Children’s Treatment Center, needy families, Home By Eight, Halloween Fun Night, Easter Egg Hunt Bike Rodeo, scholarships, donations to the public and Catholic schools for smart boards and tablets for classrooms. Also we help with public library reading programs, free swims at area pools, and figure skating for the area.

These are just a few things we donate to.

If you have info on what we could do to get requests for donations, we would like to hear from you. E-mail me at artkemp65@gmail.com.

Art Kemp


Thamesville LaSertoma


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