Cyber Pack team ready to blast off at robotics comp

Before robots had to be bagged and tagged until competition, members of the CK Cyber Pack robotics team were working hard on their entry into this year’s FIRST Robotics competition coming up this spring. One of the team mentors, Scott St. Armand, was with the team at St. Clair College as they did final work on the robot.

Are you ready to blast off? The CK Cyber Pack is nearing completion of its six-week robot build for this year’s FIRST robotics competition.

This year’s game is Destination Deep Space, and will have the CK Cyber Pack and teams from around the globe working in alliances of three to place hatch panels on their rockets and cargo ships. Teams will also load balls into cargo areas to earn points.

“Our robot will be able to pick up balls and load them into two different levels. We will also be able to pull hatch panels from a wall chute and pick them up off the ground,” said Matthew Sterling, Grade 11 student and robot build team lead. “In the last 30 seconds of the game, robots are to return to their ‘habitat,’ which has three different levels. Our robot transforms into a ramp, enabling another robot to be able to drive on top of us to a 19-inch tall platform. We also have special wheels called mecanum wheels that allow the robot to move in all directions, including side to side.”

On Feb. 19, teams across the globe were asked to “bag and tag” their robots and are unable to touch or make further changes to their robots until competition. The CK Cyber Pack will compete in two district events this year at the University of Windsor in March and Western University in early April. Successful teams move onto the Ontario Provincial Championship in Mississauga and have the chance to move onto the World Championships in Detroit in late April.

The Cyber Pack is now in its fifth year and has learned a lot, thanks to mentors in the community. The team is eager and excited for this year’s competition.

After the robot is locked up, work does not cease. The programming team will still continue to work on robot code, trying to get a fully functioning vision tracking system in place for the competition.

As well, it’s all hands on deck for fundraising. The team’s annual budget runs at approximately $35,000 as the team covers all expenses for the students involved each year, including the $7,500 registration each year which covers entry to the two district competitions.

The team has more fundraisers on the horizon including a Boston Pizza fundraiser on March 25 and a Paint Nite coming in May. For more details about tickets to all events or for more info about the team, see us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) @CKCyberPack5689, online at , or by email at


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