Condo owner looks at moving in

Victor Boutin, speaking at a showcase of the development of a new student residence in Chatham, discussed the progress of the Boardwalk on Thames condo project, and added he’s looking to move to Chatham when it’s complete.

The news that the Boardwalk on Thames condominium project in downtown Chatham is expected to be ready for leasing this July, according to developer Victor Boutin with The Everlast Group, is good news for Chatham.

Construction on the project began in 2012 and the build has been plagued with delays since that time. While in Chatham Feb. 14 announcing a $9-million student residence project, Boutin was asked how he can start another project when the condo project isn’t yet completed.

“I think we should leave the past in the past and look ahead, and look at the future,” Boutin said. “I can talk to you about all the problems we had with the condominium – with the trades and ones that were out of our control, but we have everything in shape now. The condominium will be finished by July and occupancy by August of this year.”

“Projects like this, you don’t do that in a few days. It’s like Rome – they didn’t build Rome in a day, it took a few years. It’s the same thing here. In a few years, Chatham-Kent will be completely different. It’s a great place and it’s so close to the (United) States.”

Boutin said instead of selling the 90 units, which was the original concept, he plans to lease them.

“There is a big demand for housing here, and we have been getting calls from all over Ontario; lots of people from Toronto who are very interested in this place here,” he explained. “I think it would be a shame to sell such a nice project in such a nice town. I have really fallen in love with this town. Most of the people are great and very nice, and I think this is a great city and there is a great future here,” Boutin noted.

The developer said he likes Chatham so much he has discussed moving here with his two sons, and keeping two of the units in the condo building for his family.

“I like this place. You have this nice river here, and you have also the Great Lakes around. It’s a perfect location and there is a nice future here. I always look to the future, not the moment or the past, I look to the future,” Boutin said. Boutin and Mayor Darrin Canniff said they are planning a media event at the new condo building in the near future to give people an advance look at the completed project.


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