Positive messages shared by C-K Hospice

Jessica Smith, executive director of the Chatham-Kent Hospice, Capt. Positive and Dave Macko, chair of the hospice board, celebrate Not-for-Profit/Charity Positivity Day recently.

For Not-for-Profit/Charity Positivity Day, the Chatham-Kent Hospice shared positive messages of love and support with the community.

After collecting the messages in the hospice’s reception area as well as comments from online posts, they were added as links to a paper chain, which will hang in the dining room for the remainder of the 12 Days of Positivity.

At an event held Sept. 6 to construct the chain, Capt. Positive added his link and shared his positive energy with the volunteers and staff. He also brightened the day of a few of the residents and their families.

“The activity ties well to other initiatives Chatham-Kent Hospice has undertaken in the past. During construction community members were encouraged to tie ribbons to the fence in remembrance of their loved ones and we continue this tradition each year at Hike for Hospice,” said Jessica Smith, executive director of Chatham-Kent Hospice. “It is a demonstration of our commitment to caring, compassion and connectedness.”


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