Two rom-coms with a twist set for Feb. 14

Directors Eric and Melissa Bristow, centre, go head to head in a battle of the sexes while presenting two romantic comedies for Valentine’s Day at the Chatham Cultural Centre in Studio One.


Theatre Kent’s 2017-18 season continues as a pair of one-act romantic comedies take the stage over Valentine’s Day weekend at the Chatham Cultural Centre in Studio One.

The Blind Date, by Forrest Mussellman, and Match (dot) Comedy, by Bradley Hayward, will make their Chatham-Kent premieres in what producer Angie Presant promises to be an evening of time, laughs and tenderness.

The unique presentation will see two directors, who also happen to be married, go up against one another in hopes of winning over the audience to determine whose play is the best.

“We’re hoping that couples in the area come out and enjoy these plays as part of their Valentine’s weekend plans,” says Melissa Bristow, Director of The Blind Date. “Each play is a light-hearted farce that will put a smile on everyone’s face. And they aren’t just for young people! Older folks are sure to get more than a few laughs, too.”

She said they are billing it as a date night and framing it “as a bit of a contest, kind of a battle of a sexes thing.”

“I’m gonna win. I love the man to death but he’s going down,” Melissa joked.

Both plays are quirky takes on the world of online dating which take place in intimate restaurant settings, but those are far from the only things they have in common. Melissa is joined by her husband, Eric Bristow, who is handling directing duties for Match (dot) Comedy. For the two of them, it’s a labour of love, with a little friendly competition thrown in.

“Melissa and I first met through Theatre Kent,” Eric said. “We’ve both been involved in different capacities since then, but this is the first time we’ve had the chance to team up like this. For us, these productions are really a great culmination of a lot that’s happened over the last few years.”

“It can be a bit of a battle at times as we try to outdo each other, but it’s all in good fun and we’re looking forward to showing the community the lighter side of love,” Melissa noted.

This is Melissa’s debut as a director, and she said the experience has been very satisfying, and she’s finding it a lot of fun.

Tickets are now available through the Chatham Cultural Centre box office by calling 519-354-8338, or online at, at a cost of $20.25 per adult and $18.25 for seniors and students. A cash bar will be provided.

The play begins Feb. 14 and runs to Feb. 17. Eric added they are working on a special cocktail for Valentine’s Day that will available.

For more information, contact Angie Presant, Producer, Theatre Kent, at, or 519-437-8479.



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