Leave the slots where they are


Sir: It’s been reported in the local news media in Chatham recently that several municipal councillors have been told that the Dresden Slots at Dresden Raceway will possibly be moving to Chatham in about two or three years.

If there is anything Chatham does not need, it is another artificial source of income, taking more money from already poor people in Chatham and making them even poorer! Moving the slots or putting in a casino in Chatham are not needed as we already have a bingo hall in Chatham that has some slot machines. A casino in Chatham could cause serious problems for our only bingo hall left in Chatham-Kent.

Besides, moving the slots from Dresden will cost that town jobs, and could also cause serious problems for Dresden Raceway when its horse-racing program is in place during the spring and summer months.  People at the racetrack would spend money on both the slots and the horses as well.

Even if the slots move to Chatham and supposedly expand to include more games tables, where would you put it? The former Sears store downtown? I don’t know if that is the answer as that building may already be designated for some other use before if and when the slots were moved to Chatham.

I personally think that we don’t need a casino in Chatham. It would hurt local fundraising for church’s and service clubs in this area, and it goes without saying the bingo hall as well.

If one wants to go to a casino, there is always several casinos about an hour’s drive awayin Detroit and Windsor. There are also slots and casinos in other nearby Ontario locations, such as Point Edward, London, Niagara Falls, to name just a few.

Keep the slots in Dresden.  That would be the best solution, if this form of artificial income is to continue to exist in our municipality.

Frank Doyle



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