Sidewalks, roads need some work


Sir: Well, Jim Daley, you have said it in your letter about C-K roadways are more like a minefield.

Even the drains at the curbs are all sunk. Perhaps it is the reason people on bikes still break the law to ride on the sidewalks. They would sure be in trouble at the drains at the curbs.

I hope, Jim, that people at the council will listen to people’s comments like yours and do something about it. Not only roadways but the sidewalks leave a lot to be desired.

My husband tripped on a real cracked, heaved sidewalk on April 8. I have contacted municipal offices a number of times, and to my knowledge, as of June 7, it still isn’t fixed. This is outside of the Pines from the lights heading east.

Seeing my husband did not seem to need a doctor or broke anything, the case was closed and there could be no claims.

But I see next time, Jim, you plan to make a claim on your car. I wonder how many more people have had damage and not said a word.

In our case, we would just like to see said sidewalk fixed, and I might add there are a good many more in terrible condition that hopefully will be fixed.

Ruth Draper



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