Spring thanks from a dance mom



With a very busy three weeks over with and some much-needed sleep to clear my slumber-deprived mind, I have found myself contemplating the people and things in my life I am particularly thankful for.

It’s an exercise I think is good for everyone to indulge in every now and then, particularly when life seems at its most difficult. Anyone with a teenager knows what I am talking about. So here it is, the people and things I am most grateful for.

First, a teenager who, while definitely high maintenance, works hard at school and at dance, is loving (when she’s not hangry or stressed) and makes me laugh when I am stressed out.

A husband who sees my face when I get out of the car after the third weekend away and immediately gets me a cold drink, a warm blanket and several hours of peace and quiet.

Friends (Jen and Allie) who spent time and money to come and support us on our three weekends away.

Family who sit in a dark, hot theatre for 30 minutes to watch Brenna dance for three minutes at a time.

Coffee, because without it, life just may not be worth living.

A dance teacher and studio (Alex, Sarah, Amy and Justin) who have instilled a deep love of dance in Brenna and who are chill when needed, but tough when the girls need a metaphorical kick in the spandex.

My own bed because I have never been so glad to lay my head on it – ever.

Fellow dance moms (Charlene, Julianne and Lina) who so very kindly help with hairstyles I can’t seem to do either well or in a timely manner. (Brenna’s Princess Leia buns were awesome.)

Friends (Ethel and Arlene) who know life can get very busy and don’t hold my sporadic answering of calls or texts against me because they love me and know I love them with all my heart.

Our loyal readers who take the time to come in or call to tell us they love our paper, or really enjoyed a particular article or column. It makes the time and effort so worth it!

Our loyal and talented staff who have helped make our paper a well-read part of our community, including our carriers who slog through rain, mud and snow to deliver the paper.

People who call for coverage of an event and understand that our staff is small but we do our best to cover as much going on in the community as possible.

The salesperson in the store who took pity on me and brought Brenna several styles of dresses to try on because she figured out I have the fashion sense of a toddler.

And finally, I thank God for books because without the chance to take a mental holiday in the pages of my favourite books, I think I would be curled up in a corner somewhere sucking my thumb.

So, thank you to all the people in my life who add so much without asking for anything in return – you have my deepest gratitude and affection.


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