More input needed on hospital issue


Sir: Let me preface my comments by stating that I congratulate the writing staff at The Chatham Voice for their continued coverage of the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance governance debacle. Unlike other local media outlets, the various articles lend a far more complete explanation as to what is transpiring as this issue unfolds. From a layman’s point of view, who to believe and what is actually happening is difficult to determine without all the facts at your fingertips.

As to agendas, motives and end games, I don’t believe the answers will truly come until all the political players get involved, someone takes even a somewhat altruistic leadership role and tries to sort everything out for the benefit of the entire citizenry.

To that end, I was pleased to see that MP Bev Shipley, as well as his provincial counterpart, MPP Monte McNaughton, finally decide they had an obligation to voice their thoughts and opinions on the local health care issues.

What I am curious about is why Chatham’s own federal MP Dave VanKesteren and his provincial mate, Rick Nicholls have not seen fit to get involved or, at the very least, let people know what they are thinking?

A published interview format with one of the writers at The Voice might be a means for our elected representatives to weigh in on something a little more meaningful than federally hosted coffee-and-tea “shoot the breeze” sessions or the obvious benefits for our provincial MPP participating in a local Zumba class.

Dan Kelly





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