Turbines still unsafe near airport: reader


Sir: ’Tis the season for crows and it would appear that it is also the season for crowing. At least judging from the crowing emanating from the civic centre.

However, regardless of the noises coming out of the mayor’s office, according to the Transport Canada design standards for height and proximity to airports, the eight turbines near the municipal airport are not safe, have never been safe, and always will be unsafe.

So Nav Canada wrote a memo. A “notice to airmen” warning of the presence of unsafe turbines near the airport. This a CYA (Cover Your A**) move if I have ever seen one. Now when a pilot is killed by contact in the dark with a rotating blade about 100 feet in length, the tragedy can be blamed on the pilot for not reading the memo.

Just like Pontius Pilate, Nav Canada has washed its hands of the whole thing, as has our mayor. Our MP appears to have done nothing, except deliver the message that Transport Canada is abdicating it’s responsibilities for pilot safety.

Shame on Transport Canada for allowing an international corporation to roll over a government ministry responsible for safety.

Thank goodness that at least our MPP Rick Nichols is sticking up for the safety of local and visiting pilots in Chatham-Kent.

David Goldsmith



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