Police seize fentanyl, pot


police lights

A Chatham man faces drug charges after a police raid yesterday.

Chatham-Kent police say members of the intelligence unit arrested a man in Blenheim as part of an ongoing drug investigation, and then executed a search warrant at a Chatham residence.

Fentanyl and marijuana were recovered at the scene, police say, along with digital scales.

A 25-year-old Chatham man is charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance in connection with the incident.


  1. Please ask your pharmacy if they have a fentanyl patch return policy in place. If they don't ask them why not… We all need to work together to keep these drugs off the street.

  2. It is time that the Police get tough and the Justice system gets tougher. No more slap on the wrist and go home they need to do time and get them off the streets for good. Programs will only work if they are monitored, but the gov"t dont have $ for any thing that will help. they only got money for themselves.


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