RetroFest at its retro best


Sir: I found last year’s RetroFest to be an impressive event, but this year’s event can truly claim to be the winner of “Chatham-Kent’s Got Talent” and winner of a provincial, if not a national “Idol” competition. Crowds during peak time seemed to be the same as last year, except the peak time lasted significantly longer, providing evidence of a better-attended event.

Our company has hosted and sponsored events in Canada and in the U.S. I can strongly state, proportional to the intent and meaning of this event, our company could not have come close to a level of success demonstrated by this year’s RetroFest. I always appreciate any community initiative that pays multiple dividends back to Chatham-Kent.

We are a multi-community and not just a Ward 6 City of Chatham district. Although RetroFest seems to create a dynamite infusion of economics to our Chatham downtown core, all C-K communities seemed to have benefitted. Many people I chatted with came from many miles away, and as they said, used this event to visit friends and relatives in our C-K communities.

One couple I met from Kitchener was staying in Wallaceburg for the weekend and asked me for a listing of retail shops.

Another couple asked for a listing of antique and flea markets. Of course a number of our communities have such retails stores. This confirmed to me that RetroFest creates spin-off for our communities other than just Chatham. That’s what it’s about.

With the diversity of happenings at RetroFest, the historical, cultural, educational and entertainment value, my applause is intense to everyone involved with the annual hosting of such a world-class function.

John Cryderman





  1. Thanks John Cryderman
    Retrofest Chatham is a huge event for us, Countless Volunteers & the needed Sponsors, are only the beginning to organizing this. Retrofest continues to be the one of the biggest tourist draws in the municipality,the sheer # of people and the $$ injected into the local economy speak volumes about the success of this event.Continued & enhanced support will be required in the future.
    Again Thanks to all the Sponsors
    2 years ago we commissioned an economic impact study,which confirmed your informal survey ,of the wide ranging appeal and diversity of this event for people to visit C/K that weekend.
    The goal is to bring the Tourist/Visitor from beyond our borders ,as Locals we know all about what is in our own backyard ,The people in the neighboring municipalities and across into the nearby U.S.border states is who the B.I.A. markets this event to,and will continue into the future.
    Paul Shettell
    Chair ~~ H.D.T. Chatham B.I.A.


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