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0206levtahor2webA group of area citizens are braving the cold to hold a community peace rally on Tuesday, February 25 from 1 – 3 p.m. to show support for human rights for the Lev Tahor community living in Chatham-Kent.

The Lev Tahor is an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish group that recently moved to Chatham from Quebec and has been the subject of a lengthy investigation by child protection services in Quebec and now Chatham-Kent.

Rally organizer Dave Formosa said he encourages people to come out and show your support for human rights for all cultures and religions. For more information, check out the link below.



  1. I have to say i support human rights and all cultures and religions but who supports the children's of there group? I think if you want to rally you should rally for the innocent children's right. But this is only my personal opinion.

  2. Peace rally?? Is it just me, or does it not seem we ought to know more about what's going on before tagging this as a human rights issue. Seems so far that the courts aren't attacking anyone's human rights – they're investigating possible abusive treatment of young children. If the allegations against the Lev Taylor group are unfounded and the evidence collected by investigators lack substance – then I should think they'd welcome their day in court and get this matter settled once and for all.

  3. I believe the issue this group is supporting is the right of anyone to educate their children according to their religious beliefs. The child protective services in Quebec have cited the way they educate their children as child abuse. This group is simply standing behind basic human rights for all people and the fact they are innocent until proven guilty. Check out their link – it explains their intent.

  4. The Quebec courts did not attack their right to educate their children religiously. They said it is child neglect not to have the kids attain absolutely rudimentary levels of math and English. Ms. Corcoran, is it really alright to raise kids who are illiterate.

  5. Of course not but it happens in our school systems here because children are not allowed to be held back a grade. We have kids graduate who can't read and write and teachers do the best they can with overcrowded classes and board policies handed down by government. Does that mean our school systems or its parents should be charged with neglect? Of course not. Also, I doubt Quebec courts were worried about how well these kids can speak and write English. Make sure the kids are fed, clothed, loved and treated as human beings with rights and feelings – that, to me, should be first and foremost. And nobody used the word "attack". Just my personal opinion.

  6. Mary Beth Corcoran I have to say that to me this should have been dealt with in Quebec.Why come here.What are they running from.Thats the real issue here.To me its not about religion race or beliefs.If you are accoused of something stand up and defend yourself. You dont take off in the middle of an ivestigation and expect people to support you.I have two kids of my own and if anyone ever accoused me of child abuse i would stand up and fight not run.

  7. Ask yourselves why:
    Quebec authorities investigated the group for 18 months and still only have "allegations"?
    Quebec Police were allowed to execute a search warrant outside of their jurisdiction?
    The local CAS took children into custody and returned them after finding no evidence of abuse?
    Adam Brudzewsky the initial "whistle-blower" has been called a liar by Orthodox Jewish leaders?
    Why the Chatham Daily News would Dub them "The Jewish Taliban" on the eve of their arrival?


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