Medical marijuana production facilities given the go ahead



C-K is going green, after council unanimously approved an official plan amendment to allow the construction of medical marijuana production facilities.

Council agreed the potential facilities could be permitted on agricultural and rural industrial areas, as long as certain criteria were met.

Robert Brown, planner with Storey Samways, said each potential project would require a site-specific bylaw amendment.

baCK-video-30sec from Chatham Voice on Vimeo.


Any projects on agricultural or rural industrial locations must be within 100 metres of a road, have acceptable access for emergency services and not be near areas with “sensitive land uses,” such as like schools.

Chatham Coun. Doug Sulman said any future projects could bring money to the municipality through Entegrus.

“From a purely economic development point of view … it would use a lot of electricity,” he said.

Mayor Randy Hope said further dialogue with Health Canada is required, as the new regulations start taking form.

“How can we make sure our community is safe … and compliance is being made?”

After the official plan amendment was passed, council unanimously approved a zoning by-law amendment for a potential medical marijuana production facility at 10078 Longwoods Road in the former Chatham Township.

90 km/h roads in C-K analyzed

Council approved an information report where staff evaluated all the sections of roads in the municipality with a speed limit of 90 km/h.

The original report and analysis of the roads started back in 2003.

Items rubber stamped by council

Chatham-Kent council OK’d a handful of items, with little debate at Mondays meeting, including:

• The 2013-2014 Chatham-Kent Accessibility Advisory committee accessibility report and terms of reference.

• Dedicated gas tax funds for public transportation systems.

• Tender award for culvert replacements in Dover.

• Credit card service fees.

• 2014 Ontario volunteer service award nominations.



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