It’s an amazing time of the year



We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: this is one amazing community.

Last week alone, we had en eight year-old making bracelets to raise funds for Philippine disaster relief, the Blenheim Youth Centre making and decorating stockings for the Chatham Women’s Centre and young people in Wallaceburg and Tupperville being recognized by TD for their volunteerism. Hockey teams are on food drives and others are pitching in wherever they can.

It’s a tribute to the young people in our community (and those who influence them) In addition to youngsters, Betty Brite Cleaners, its host of community and business partners and 100 volunteers, fed more than 600 people during its seventh annual Community Cares Christmas.

A memorial curling event in the name of Sue Talach topped the $30,000 mark in funds raised for literacy during the past several years.

Affinity Commercial 02 from Chatham Voice on Vimeo.

Local realtors donated to Habitat for Humanity, The United Way has topped the $1.25 million mark, Rotarians are one third toward their $100,000 goal for Shelter Boxes on the way to the Philippines, Chatham Goodfellows porchlight campaign raised $35,000 and the Salvation Army Red Kettles are everywhere.

To top it off, we have a story about a man, Frank Uniac, who honoured his late wife’s wishes and donated $2 million to local community causes.

There is so much going on we don’t even have room to print everything, so keep an eye on for more information.

While we have some Scrooges and Grinches who greet the holiday season with job cuts and a “bah humbug,” we have far more individuals and businesses that invest in our community. We urge you to support them and their commitment to all of us.

We have our share of challenges as a community but the only way for us to forge ahead is to do so collectively.

The negative will always be there but by keeping a balance and focusing on what we can do to make things better, we can find our way.


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