A dearth of trees and opportunity


Sir: Where are the trees?

I recently phoned the Civic Centre about planting of fall trees. I was shocked and appalled to hear the program had been cancelled.

The City of Chatham and the rural communities have been removing trees, but these trees are not being replaced. Why, I ask? There are several areas in the city that require trees.

Perhaps if Mayor Hope spent less money and time flying to China, etc. Where are the jobs? The young people need the jobs now, not 20-30 years from now. By then they will be on Old Age Security. What a pity.

Mayor and council – take a walk around our beautiful city and take note.

M.E. Galloway



  1. If the city can afford to pay a contractor to come in and remove a tree for who knows how much, they can afford a $50 tree to replace it. In fact, the city probably has trees at its own disposal but just chooses not to replant when the old ones are cut down. Maybe some wog even gets a bonus for the projected 'maintenance' savings by not replanting.


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