OPP option worth investigating


Sir: Recently a vote was taken by Chatham-Kent council to turn down a free estimate on policing costs from the Ontario Provincial Police.

Our municipal budget for policing is about $30 million per year.

I would like any of the 10 councilors who voted against it to advise me on what business principal they were using then they did so.

It is always wise to have more than one cost when you are buying a product or service. We will never know if the OPP could save us millions because council doesn’t think it’s worth asking the question.

I was a City of Chatham alderman in 1963, I have a business degree and I operated a business for more than 40 years.

We used good business principles then and council should be doing so now.

I hope the OPP gets the opportunity at some point to show us their figures. I am sure they would keep our best-qualified officers on their staff.

Joe Johns



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