Why not focus on woeful government instead of PC boss Hudak?


Sir: I just finished reading your paper of Aug. 29. I have read your paper since it started and thought it was decent until I saw this one.

On your opinion page, you had a picture of a roller coaster going into the ground called “The Tim Hudak.” I am in no way a political party supporter of any particular party in Ontario. I thought it was a disgusting cartoon. Mr. Hudak has not been in any power as a politician as of yet. He has not driven our province into the ground as of yet.

You are starting to sound the same as the unions that support the Liberal party with millions of dollars trying to assassinate a person’s character without his opportunity for self-defence.

If anyone is killing and running the province into the ground it is the Liberal party of Ontario. They put up green wind turbines that never pay for themselves. The only green part is our dollar bills used for financing this ugly losing proposition, which is not stopping anytime soon.

They have blown a billion dollars cancelling gas plants, millions on helicopter emergency services and millions more with unbalanced budgets.

They crawled in bed with the civil servant and teacher’s unions, giving them whatever they wanted.

To help pay for these things they taxed us everywhere. They hit the trades people with a few-hundred-per-cent increase for licenses, raised our car license fees and every other government fee.

They lie and deceive and you seem to be all right with that. Instead you and the unions try to throw Hudak into the ground for trying to straighten up this mess while he is not responsible for any of the above. If we keep going the way it is, we will be a Third World province and country. The provincial Liberals must get with reality; quit blowing more money than what we have!

Whether it is provincial or city politics, get people in who are honest hard working who know you can’t spend more than what you make or can afford.

As a paper, whether cartoon or editorial, tell it like it is instead of diverting attention and accusing guys such as Hudak.

Dick Koomans



Editor’s note: An editorial cartoon is a visual commentary. And the opinion illustrated in the cartoon is that of the artist/author, similar to how a contributing columnist or letter writer expresses his or her opinion.

The opinion is not necessarily that of the newspaper.

That said, your comments on the current provincial government are bang on.


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