10 Amazingly Dumb Things We Do with Smartphones


Smartphones are getting smarter all the time, but the people using them aren’t necessarily doing so. Today, we have devices at our disposal that snap photos faster than you can blink, surf the Web at speeds that make your home broadband jealous and download apps that can do everything and anything. So why are we so dumb sometimes when it comes to using these powerful pocket-size computers? If you do any of these 10 things with your smartphone on a regular basis, you probably don’t deserve to own one.

Obsessively Take and Share Pictures of Food

Hey, look at this chocolate cream pie I made! And these kung pao chicken tacos! And don’t forget my blueberry limoncello cooler! I love food as much as the next guy — in fact, “Restaurant: Impossible” is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. But I just don’t get this obsession with taking photos of eats and sharing them with Facebook and Instagram friends. The only time I want to stare at pictures of food is right before I order it off of a menu.

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