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  • Viewpoint: What’s next for Ontario?

    Feb 5, 13 • 202 Views • ViewpointNo Comments

    It won’t be long before Ontarians find out just what premier designate Kathleen Wynne is made of. She hasn’t taken office yet, but the pressure of winning the Liberal leadership is nothing compared to trying to please the more than 12 million...

  • Viewpoint: Lesson Learned?

    Jan 29, 13 • 158 Views • ViewpointNo Comments

    The Ontario Labour Relations Board did teachers a favour last Friday morning when it ruled a planned one day walk-out illegal. The decision created chaos for school boards across the province which had planned to close schools for the day based on the...

  • Viewpoint: Crows, trees, cats, dogs and money

    Jan 29, 13 • 185 Views • ViewpointNo Comments

    For several years, I believed the most thankless task in local politics was being chair of a board of education. With the provincial government centralizing taxation, curriculum and enacting new policies hourly, the only task seemingly left to boards was the...