LETTER: A healthy thank you to all involved


Editor: On a recent Sunday while attending Mass at St Joseph’s here in Chatham, I found myself experiencing medical distress.

I was almost immediately attended to by some of my fellow parishioners who called the paramedics and the EMS unit to come to my aid. They took great care in looking after me until help arrived.

The paramedics and the EMS crews made me feel calm and confident that I was in good hands and I was taken to the trauma section of the ER at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance.

There I was treated for my condition, tested and monitored for four hours by the amazing staff of nurses and doctor, with a positive outcome.

With all of the negative news about people not wanting to help others and the negativity health care is getting, I felt that I had to share how I am very impressed and thankful for the treatment that I experienced by everyone.

So here is a big thank you to he parishioners who initially looked after me, the paramedics, and the nurses and doctor in the ER at CKHA.

You are the best of the best.

Brian Fields





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