Construction woes frustrate resident


Editor: I’ve been informed that the infrastructure work of J&J Lepera on Wellington Street West will be completed by Oct. 29. In my opinion, there is not chance of that, unless they work holidays, weekends, and 12-hour days without any rain delays.

Shutting down the Third Street Bridge was difficult enough for pedestrians. However, the addition of repairs to the Wellington Street West infrastructure at the same time has proven to be too much for me to bear. As a result I’m moving. This has been the worst chapter of my life in Chatham.

It’s very sad that the seniors in Chatham, especially those with mobility issues, are disregarded. I was informed that there wasn’t any consideration (specific clauses relating to our needs) within the contract between Chatham-Kent and J&J Lepera. In some instances, I couldn’t even get to my home due to sidewalk barriers.

It appeared to me that I was being deliberately targetted and harassed by construction workers. There was one incident where I just should have called the police to resolve the issue.

But it has been my experience within Chatham that if you complain about something, people retaliate.

Chatham is such a backward community from my view as a world-travelled systems analyst/IT consultant.

Randall Jordan






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