Editorial cartoon sparks division


Editor: I am sending this in response to the cartoon in the Sept. 23 edition of The Chatham Voice. It seems you would like to paint everyone who chooses not to take the mRNA vaccine as “lemmings and anti-vaxxers.”

What is your goal in printing something like this? To create more division?

People are being threatened and coerced to take an experimental vaccine that has been approved for “emergency use only” it tends to cause concern for its safety and efficacy. Can you please show me the long-term safety data on the mRNA vaccines?

This cartoon was offensive and serves no purpose other then to create more division and hatred towards anyone who chooses not to take it.

If a person has a heart condition and is scared to take it, are they a “lemming and anti-vaxxxer?”

What about an 18 year old who wants to attend university?

How about a 12 year old who just wants to play hockey with his/her friends but can’t if they choose not to take it?

COVID-19 poses little to no risk for this age demographic. Are they “lemmings or anti-vaxxers” for not wanting to take a vaccine that poses greater risk to them  than the virus itself.

I believe this cartoon was in poor taste, and only creates more division.

I’m asking that you write an apology in next week’s edition for the poor taste and bad judgment used in printing something that creates more division and hatred.


Gary Gehl



Editor’s note: Editorial cartoons, like letters to the editor, are opinion pieces that don’t necessarily represent the opinion of this newspaper. They are, however, designed to provoke reaction, thought, and dialogue on various issues.

We urge people to visit the Canadian Institutes of Health Institute and read “The long road to mrna vaccines. “The science behind the new COVID-19 vaccines has not been rushed. In fact, these vaccines are building on decades of scientific research.”





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