More COVID wriggle room needed


Editor: I don’t know if I can say I am mad-aggravated or perhaps frustrated.

Reports in the media are certainly pinpointing our latest lockdown, but younger ones are still congregating.

Hopefully we seniors have more sense and see how bad things are.

To the young ones who are guilty of this, I say to smarten up.

Once the COVID-19 virus is over, you have a life head of you to do things.

But those 70 and up don’t have time to catch up. When one is over 90, they sure don’t have the time or perhaps the energy to do what they love to do.

This virus has been so controversial. The big-box stores could (until recently) sell non-essential goods because they sold food. But for small businesses, no.

Small businesses should perhaps have one or two customers come in at a time, but with social distancing if they had the floor space. That would make sense.

Also, if a hairdresser has floor space, they could have one at a time.

At least they could earn some kind of a living to buy food at that essential store.

But at this time, hairdressers can’t even come to long-term-care homes that have hairdressing shops, even with social distancing and with masks.

I am sure it is essential for seniors’ well being to feel good.

Something needs to be adjusted here. Especially with how many can go into the big stores.


Ruth Draper





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