Driver woes a daily issue on our streets


Sir: I’ve just re-read Bruce Corcoran’s recent column in The Chatham Voice, “It’s simple, folks; obey the law.”

I do hope our law enforcers read it and patrol some if not all of the intersections Bruce mentioned.

Laws and bylaws are being broken daily in this city alone.

But the main intersection mentioned must be one of the worst: Grand Avenue and St. Clair Street.

Not only for motorists, but for pedestrians also.

Many times I have been crossing at those lights in my favor with the walk sign when a driver has turned when I have been halfway in the crossing.

To my knowledge one is supposed to stop until the crossing is free.

This in the best one! One day I’m about six feet from the curb heading north to cross Grand Avenue when someone decided to make a right from St. Clair to head west on Grand. I wondered where he or she was going, as they actually drove behind me before I hardly reached the north side.

Another big no-no, I have seen e-bikes riding the sidewalks.

There’s extra money to be made in fines. If there were more police patrol about.

Ruth Draper



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