Hometown Hockey a great time


Sir: The Hometown Hockey event in downtown Chatham was well worth the time I spent there.

There were all sorts of things for people to see and do, including a road hockey game in the middle of Wellington Street West for the children, which brought back many pleasant memories of when I was a child doing the same thing, only without the fancy uniforms and protective gear!

There were many draws for all sorts of items, and other forms of entertainment. I could not get near enough to see the Stanley Cup, because that area was jam packed with children and adults all of the same mind set!

The staged interview when I was there from Sports Net featured retired NHL players Dave Ganger and Thomas Kaberle by a Sports Net reporter,

There was plenty of parking in the area and there was more room for people to come down to see the show.

There were a lot of people in attendance, many wearing their hockey shirts.

Tim Horton’s was supplying free coffee or hot chocolate, one per person. It helped deal with the cold, but dry conditions.

There was other food as well at reasonable prices.

Thank you to all the news and sports media who promoted and participated in this event and anyone else who brought this event to Chatham.

It was an afternoon well spent!

Frank Doyle






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