Murder in Blenheim




Local police have charged a Blenheim man with murder in the wake of the discovery of a body in a burned Blenheim home last week.

Police say on March 24, emergency crews responded to a house fire on Nichols Drive in the South Kent community about 1 p.m. They discovered a body inside the home. It was that of Margaret Ardis, 73.

Her husband, Walter Ardis, 78, suffered injuries in the fire and was taken to hospital.

The next day, a post mortem revealed the woman did not die in the fire, but rather from an undisclosed criminal offence, according to police.

This morning, police arrested the husband, charging him with first-degree murder.

He remains in custody pending a bail hearing.

Police refuse to release further details at this time, claiming they are trying to protect the integrity of the investigation.




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