Grave site vandalism irks local reader


Sir: I am sending this letter out to the person who felt the need to take a very dear and personal item from my mother’s grave. I really hope you enjoy it. You have no idea what you took.

I had bought a flag holder and flags to put on my mother’s grave in memory of her and how much she loved her cats (each flag had a different season and different cats on it). I didn’t think anyone would bother them, as this would only mean something to my family and me. I went out there recently to replace the flag, and it was gone.

I always thought a cemetery was a sacred place; a place where you could go and remember your loved ones and not worry about them anymore. I guess I was wrong.

Why would you go and destroy a memory of someone you don’t know? I felt so hurt and violated; I stood there and cried, apologized to my mom that her love of cats meant more to someone else than to her.

Knowing her like I do, she would have said, “That’s OK dear, as long as they enjoy it and love cats they needed it more than me.”

I guess I should forgive them like she would have, but I can’t. They took a memory and destroyed it. Now there will be no cats to watch over Mom, like I know she would have loved. The only consolation I have is the pictures I put with her. The thieves can’t get those unless they are so desperate they need to dig her up.

I hope when they are buried there is nothing taken from them that means something to their family in memory to them. Rest in peace, Mom; your cats will always be with you.

Brenda Coote





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