Community involvement doesn’t end with voting


Sir: I don’t normally rant or rave and complain, but I feel compelled to share some things that are on my heart in regards to the election.

First off, congratulations to all those elected, I wish you success in leading this community for the next four years.

Second, as I saw the results continue to come in, I saw some of the people that I had voted for not do as well as expected. When it was over and all the polls had reported, I had feelings of disbelief, to the point where I was stirred up inside.

But upon waking the next morning, I started to feel that even though some of the people I voted for and wanted to get elected didn’t get elected, that four years is too long to wait for another chance to do something to help this community. I do not believe that our involvement as community members stops with just voting. I believe that even though some of our friends or family members didn’t get elected, it should not discourage us to be active in this community and to continue to work towards a common goal of making this community the best it can be.

We know it can be, and I feel its up to all of us to be a part of that, not just when there’s an election.

I feel we need to unite as a community and not let this election drive us further apart. We all live here, and we all want the best.

I want to encourage everyone that reads this to do something for the greater good of this community.

Again, I want to congratulate all those elected, I want to encourage those who were not elected to look at this as a learning experience and ask yourself, “What have I learned, and how can I still be part of the solution?”

Some of you may disagree with this statement, but that’s OK because everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I wish everyone a fantastic day and a successful next four years in this community.

Andrew J. Smith



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